Team Overview

San Diego Robotics 101 designs and builds Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles for research and competition purposes. The team is unaffiliated with any particular school, rather being composed of members across multiple high schools and universities. SDR101 will be competing for the 4th time at the 20th Annual Robosub competition in 2017.



Ryan Ganton

Mechanical Lead, Core Design, External Mounts, Arm Design

Jason Ma

Software Lead, Sonar, Status Monitor


The hardware team tackles the challenges of waterproofing the welded aluminum core, laying out the internals, and designing necessary mounting structures to complement Cubeception's modular structure.

Rahul Keyal

Electronics Core, Pylons


The software team works with the onboard sensors and computers to coordinate tasks and integrate environmental input with the mission planner to make intelligent decisions.

Rahul Salvi

Navigation, Distributed Shared Memory

Robert Quitt

Computer Vision

Patrick Paxson

Mission Planner